Yanshi’s CV


1599464_10204989477074332_4151519739175402571_oI grew up in Taichung and obtained my bachelor’s degree in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. While I was studying at university, I was actively engaged in “language exchange,” which consisted of helping Mandarin learners practice their colloquial skills. Because of this, I’ve garnered a lot of experience in helping international students speak Mandarin more confidently as well as teaching them more about the essence of Taiwanese culture and Chinese civilization.

I’m a passionate reader who loves literature, history and socio-economics. I speak four languages, including Mandarin (the official language of Taiwan), Taiwanese Hokkien (a dialect of Hokkien, widely spoken by Taiwanese) , English  and Russian (I spent 10 months studying Russian in Moscow in 2009 and acquired second level in TORFL ). In my previous jobs, I have been responsible for translation (Mandarin- Russian or Mandarin – English) either in the form of  consecutive/whispered interpreting or written translation.

In the past I have been a tyre salesperson responsible for the Russian market and an environmental NGO employee. At present I now work as a Chinese-English interpreter at Associated Translators & Linguists Pty. Ltd., a Russian-Chinese translator at Linguitronics Co., Ltd and Mandarin tutor and translator at Dub & Ko Language Services.



Languages Spoken

・Mandarin – Native
・Taiwanese Hokkien – Native
・English  -Fluent
・Russian – Fluent

Employment history

・Canberra, Australia; Associated Translators & Linguists Pty., Chinese -English Interpreter  – February 2016 – Present

・Taipei, Taiwan; Linguitronics Co., Ltd., Russian-Chinese Translator – December 2015 – present
I am a freelance Russian-Mandarin translator contracted with the Taipei-based company. Whenever there is a case, I will be contacted and translate Russian documents into Chinese. 

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・Taipei, Taiwan; Taiwan Thousand Mile Trail Association, Project Coordinator – July 2014 – February 2015
      My duty was to organise trail maintenance volunteering projects in indigenous Taiwanese villages and lobby “green transport” policies to local politicians. I also acted as the organisation’s English translator, and was responsible for not only translating written training materials but also interpreting for visiting specialists from overseas.

Translating at the 2014 Tawian Trail Crew Leader Training Camp
Consecutive interpreting at the 2014 Tawian Trail Crew Leader Training Camp

・Shanghai, China; Cheng Shin Tyre & Rubber (China) Co. Ltd, Sales Representative of Russian Market — July 2012- July 2013
      I was in charge of supervising the delivery of marketing sponsorship in the Russian market as well as analysis of company sales data. I was also a Russian-Mandarin translator and acted as interpreter during company business meetings in Russia.

Attending the Year-End Banquet of local distributor in Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Attending the Year-End Banquet of local distributor in Rostov-on-Don, Russia

・Pingtung, Taiwan; Pingtung MP Group of Military Police 204 Command, Ministry of National Defense, Counseling officer (second lieutenant)-Aug 2011-July 2012

      For my year long obligatory military service, I excelled in my entry examination to become second lieutenant. My duty was to support the Leader of the Company in managing military affairs and conducting political warfare training courses.


Educational qualification

・Taipei, Taiwan; National Chengchi University — Bachelor of Business Administration, 2006-2011
Undergraduate Total Avergage Grade: 82.82/100
Cumulative Grade Point Average: 3.60256
      I majored in International Business and minored in Russian Language. My total average grades exceeded 80%. Besides compulsory business-related courses, I devoted my spare time to studying languages (Russian and English), philosophy and film theory. I was also active in the campus’ film club and was in charge of hosting Wim Wenders film festival at a local cafe.

・Moscow, Russia; Moscow State University — Exchange student, 2009-2010

I spent 10 months intensively studying Russian language at the Department of Philology. Before the end of the course, I acquired the level 2 certificate of TORFL and was able to work in two business exhibitions at the Crocus Expo Centre as an interpreter and stall helper.

Working as an interpreter and stall helper at Crocus Expo Centre in Moscow, Russia


・TOEIC: 960/990, 28 May 2011
・TOEFL: 96/120, 24 Aug 2008
・Test of Russian as a Foreign Language: Level 2 (Advanced) (equivalent of CEFR B2 level), Jun 2010
・International Trade Certification Examination: 89/100, 14 May 2009




Mandarin Tutoring Experience

Tutoring Mandarin

・Taipei, Taiwan; Mandarin tutor for an Australian student, Oct 2006-June 2008
・Taipei, Taiwan; English tutor for high school student preparing for university entrance exam, July 2008- June 2009
・Taichung, Taiwan; English tutor for junior high school student, July 2009-Aug 2009
・Online; Mandarin tutor for a Russian student, July 2013-Present
・Online; Mandarin tutor for a Ukrainian student, July 2013 – June 2014
・Canberra, Australia; Mandarin tutor for a 10-year-old student, July 2015-Present.
・Canberra, Australia; Mandarin tutor for a private company manger, Aug 2015-Present.