Proofreading and editing

Robin Han, Proofreading and Editing Service
Kita’s proofreading is outstanding. She reads your work carefully to make sure she gets your point. Her bilingualism helps her understand our mistakes and what we really want to say. My grammar is not good, so I joined the PhD Proofreading Companion Program in my honours year. With her help, my thesis got the highest mark in my cohort. When I applied for graduate schools (PhD), she proofread all my application essays, and I submitted my thesis as my writing sample. I got offers with full scholarships from Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Berkeley, Chicago and many top universities. I am really happy that the PhD Proofreading Companion Program is going to be well used in the following years! Kita 的校对与众不同。她仔细认真阅读你的文字以确保读懂你的意思。她的双语背景有助于理解我们的错误,知道我们真正想表达什么。我的语法一般,我在荣誉年就加入了博士伴读计划,在她的帮助下我的论文拿了最高分, 在申请博士项目的时候,我把这篇论文提交为写作样本。并且,她帮我校对了所有申请文书。最终我拿到了斯坦福,普林斯顿,耶鲁,伯克利,芝加哥等顶级大学的全奖博士录取。非常高兴博士伴读计划在后面几年还会很有帮助!

Chih-Yueh Huang, Proofreading and Editing Service
Kita helped me proofread and edit my PhD thesis. I am very satisfied with her service. She responded very quickly, and answered all my questions about her corrections. I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs proofreading and editing. Kita幫我校對及編修我的博士論文,我很滿意她的服務,她的回覆非常地快速,也都回答了我有疑惑的地方。我肯定會推薦她的服務給任何需要校對或編修服務的人。

Stacey Le, Proofreading and Editing Service
Thanks for your editing and that was so helpful! 收到修改過的版本,真的很好,謝謝!

Penny Ciou, Proofreading and Editing Service
I’m very grateful that Dub & Ko provided me with such practical help! Their English proofreading service is not only trustworthy but also efficient. The price is also very reasonable. Apart from proofreading and translation, they also provide English conversational classes, which I have already registered for. I’m very happy that I could hear about such a good service from my high school classmate. 很謝謝Dub & Ko 給了我實用的幫助!不僅是在英文修改方面很讓人放心,並且效率超快、價格真的實在! 並且服務多元~除了校稿服務以及翻譯 還有英文會話訓練相關課程! 我也報名了~很開心可以經由我的國中同學介紹這麼好的服務!

Jenny Liu, Proofreading and Editing Service
I’m highly satisfied with Kita’s proofreading service. After proofreading, she will even confirm with you the meaning of any parts that are unclear. Many thanks for the efficient and professional service – worth five stars for sure! 我很滿意Kita提供的校對編修服務,在修改之後她還會跟你確認那些她認為文義不清的段落。很感謝她提供如此有效率又專業的服務,當然會給予他們五顆星的評價!

Chung-Kai Lien, Proofreading and Editing Service

The service that Dub & Ko provides is of excellent quality. They replied to my emails very quickly and finished the proofreading on time. They also helped me make changes to the documents and checked the original meaning with me so that I could successfully finish my thesis. I recommend their service to students who need thesis proofreading. Dub & Ko 的服務很優質,溝通回信很迅速,潤稿也能在期限內完成,並且能多次做修改與確認語意,使我的碩士論文能夠順利完成,推薦給需要論文潤稿的同學。

James Chen, Proofreading and Editing Service
I highly recommend the proofreading service that Kita provides and I’m truly grateful for her help! My grade always used to hover around distinction level when I studied in the UK and I thought the problem was probably related to my command of grammar. One time I finished writing a 1000 word essay early and sent it to her to see whether I would get a better grade. With her assistance, my essay got an unexpectedly high mark, so I came to her again for proofreading my thesis. Kita is scrupulous and pays close attention to detail. She not only checked my grammar, but also helped improve the fluency and meaning of my sentences. She patiently discussed and confirmed with me all the parts where she couldn’t be certain of my meaning, and even adjusted the editing according to my personal preferences. Every time we worked together, I had a great experience. I’m very thankful and would like to recommend her service to everyone who needs proofreading! 我非常推薦Kita的proof reading服務也非常感謝她的幫忙。之前在英國唸書時,報告成績總是在distinction 上下徘徊,心想也許是語法的問題,於是趁早寫了一個1000字的小作業與她合作,實驗看看能否有所提升。在她的幫忙下這個作業拿了意想不到的高分,因此後來畢業論文也與她合作。Kita非常的細心與用心,並非只是幫忙看文法,而是關照到整個句子的流暢與文意,所有不確定部分都不厭其煩的和我再三討論確定文意流暢度甚至是個人偏好才定稿。每次的合作都是非常愉快的過程,非常謝謝,也推薦給所有需要的朋友!

Chien Chen, Proofreading and Editing Service
They are professional, accurate and responsible! They offered a better service than I expected. 他們的服務專業、精準又讓人信賴!他們所提供的校對服務超出我所預期的優質。

Chen Annie, Proofreading and Editing Service
Kita is a very nice person and replied to my emails quickly. She proofread my articles carefully and finished the proofreading very quickly. In particular, the fact that Kita knows both English and Mandarin made it easier for her to understand the meaning I wanted to express and to improve the fluency and authenticity of my articles. All content is proofread at least twice before she hands it over to customers in order to ensure the accuracy of the sentences. I am very satisfied with the service and sincerely recommend Dub & Ko to those who need English proofreading. Kita人非常好,回信速度非常快,且校稿的文章都修改得很仔細, 交稿時間也非常迅速。尤其因為Kita中英文都能通,更能理解我詞句上想表達的意思,進而幫助文章的語句更加的道地,且所有的內容Kita都會幫忙核對兩次上以,以確保語句的正確度,非常滿意這次的服務~誠摯的推薦Dub & Ko給有需要英文校稿的人哦:)

Neigo Yu-Tzu Chang, University of Manchester, Proofreading and Editing Service
Fast and accurate proofreading. Definitely recommend ^.^ 校閱得又快又精準。推!

Fu An Chang, Nottingham Trent University, Proofreading and Editing Service
I strongly recommend Dub & Ko because of Kita’s professional proofreading service. She provided precise editing and a perfect understanding of what I wanted to say to make my dissertation more comprehensive and more complete. With her professionalism, I have confidence in my academic work. I would also like to express many thanks to her for providing me with perfect English and continuous communication during the process. There is no doubt that Dub & Ko Language Services is an excellent business as a result of their rich experience. 我因為Kita所提供的專業校對服務而非常推薦Dub & Ko,感謝她精準的編修、完美的理解及反覆的溝通,讓我的論文變得更加縝密及完善。有了她的幫助,我對於我的學術寫作變得更有信心。最後,我要感謝她提供的專業英文校對服務,以及在這過程中持續的溝通。Dub & Ko在校對服務上經驗豐富,專業無庸置疑。

Dayna, UCL Institute of Education, Proofreading and Editing Service
The thesis proofreading service provided by Kita is very professional. She always communicates with patience and carefulness and helped me successfully finish my graduate thesis. Her good understanding of Mandarin helped avoid misunderstandings that might otherwise occur in cross-language communications. I highly recommend such a high quality service to every graduate student who is about to fall into the inferno of thesis writing. Kita提供的論文校對服務非常專業,總是細心且耐心地溝通,讓我的碩士畢業論文能順利完成。尤其Kita中文能力佳,避免掉許多語言不同可能產生的誤會。這樣高品質且物超所値的服務,推薦給即將進入論文地獄的每位碩博士生。

Valerie, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Proofreading and Editing Service
I highly recommend Dub & Ko’s proofreading service! Kita is very nice and professional. She meticulously proofread my essays and master’s thesis and always replied very quickly. As Kita knows both English and Chinese, Kita could understand the meaning I wanted to convey and helped me present my ideas with more authentic English. I’m highly satisfied with her service! 大力推薦Dub & Ko 的校稿服務!Kita人很好且專業,幫我校稿過的碩士報告與論文都修改得很仔細,交稿時間也非常迅速。尤其是因為Kita中英文都能通,更能理解我詞句上想表達的意思,進而幫助我用更道地的英文呈現出來,滿意度極高!

Amber W, Proofreading and Editing Service
unnamed-4I really recommend Kita’s thesis editing service. She always replies very quickly! When I write in English, there are usually sentences with an unclear meaning. They might seem clear to me, but through the eyes of a native speaker, they might be very confusing. Kita will check and edit unclear sentences for you via email and you can even explain your original meaning in Mandarin to avoid any misunderstanding! The first essay that Kita proofread for me obtained a very high mark, even higher than a distinction. It is such a shame if you have very good ideas but you can’t express them fully and properly in English. Kita’s proofreading service is very much recommended! 非常推薦Kita 的論文編修服務,回覆都非常的快速!英文寫作上常常會有語意不清的地方,儘管覺得自己表達清楚了,其實老外看了會一頭霧水。表達不清的地方,Kita會信件來回不斷跟你確認並修改,而且還可以用中文解釋自己原意不會再有誤會!第一篇交給Kita編修的作業就得到非常非常的高分(高於distinction許多),如果有非常好的想法卻受限於英文無法完整傳達,真的會非常可惜。推薦Kita!

Hsin-Ning, Proofreading and Editing Service
I highly recommend the thesis proofreading service that Kita provides. She was very professional in editing every sentence of my thesis with diligence and care. When there were unclear meanings in my writing, she would ask me what I had originally meant and edit those sentences again. I am very satisfied with the finished product and grateful for Kita’s meticulousness in making my thesis clear and coherent. I strongly recommend Kita’s service to those who need help with thesis editing. Your thesis and your writing skills are sure to be greatly improved! 非常推薦Kita的論文編修服務,效率很高,每一字每一句都很用心修改,在碰到字句意思不清楚的地方,也會再次詢問我真正想表達的意思,並再為我修改一次,改出來的成果很令人滿意。也很謝謝Kita的細心與責任感,讓我的論文語意與字句都表達得更加清楚與通順,非常建議有需要論文編修服務的同學,都可以找Kita,保證對你的論文與寫作技巧會有很大的幫助!

S. Chiu, MSc Marketing, Proofreading and Editing Service

I recommend Kita‘s proofreading service with my whole heart. We had very clear communication before and after my document was edited and she kindly replied to all my questions. My essays received much higher marks after her proofreading than those essays that had not been proofread. What’s best is that you will discover many problems in your writing or logic that you had never noticed after her proofreading. I believe her service will help me greatly in honing my writing skills in the future! 十分推薦Kita服務編修前後非常詳細溝通任何問題親切回覆編修作業順利取得編修作業進步了許多。更棒是經過Kita編修你會發現很多從注意過寫作,邏輯問題,相信對寫作會有很大幫助!

Ellie Chen, Proofreading and Editing Service
Kita is one of the best editors I have ever met! I fully recommend her, not only because of her professional editing skills, but also because of her patience and sense of responsibility. She corrected every single mistake in my essay and turned it into a fluent one! Thanks to her, my essay has become much easier to understand! Moreover, she makes sure that she fully understands what you are trying to express before she edits your sentences. For any unclear points, she left her questions in the document and sent it back to me so that I could clarify my meaning or discuss it with her. After discussion, she corrected these sentences again with no extra charge. This was really helpful because I did not have to worry about any misunderstandings which might have changed my original meaning when she edited my essay. If you are looking for a proofreading and editing service, I believe that Kita is the best choice for you!


M.F., IELTS Writing Improvement Project 雅思作文批改服務
I just received my IELTS transcript and it is 6.5 points on average. Except speaking, which was 6.0, the others are 6.5. My writing score has had an obvious improvement, as it was just 5.5 last time. The IELTS Writing Improvement Project has been really helpful and I really appreciate it! I will ask for your help in the future when I have any problems relating to English! 我剛剛收到我的雅思成績單,而總平均是6.5分。除了口說得到6.0分之外,其他的項目都是6.5分。我的寫作分數獲得了非常顯著的提升,上一次只有5.5分。雅思寫作提升專案(雅思作文批改服務)對我的幫助非常大,對此我真的非常感激。未來如果還有任何跟英文有關的問題,我會再尋求你們的協助!

Ma Xiaoxue, Proofreading and Editing Service
1.picI would like to give Kita a big thumbs-up! She is very responsible. Although I was caught up by something and sent the document to her a bit late, she still edited my translated text very quickly. Her attitude is very good. If I have any more translated texts to be edited, I definitely will need her again! 给Kita一个大大大的赞!超级负责任的说~~期间因为我有点事情耽误了一下,她还是很快就帮我把文章改好了,而且态度真是棒,以后如果有译文校对方面的问题,肯定还是找她!

Eric Huang, proofreading and editing serviceIMGP5998
I highly recommend Kita as your go-to proofreader! She replied to me promptly, making the overall experience just great! I received my proofread document within 24 hours. I will definitely come back to Dub & Ko Language Services for future proofreading and editing.

Li Jun-nan, proofreading and editing service
My document was very scrupulously edited. Many notes about native usage and word collocation were also added. Prices were competitively low. Overall, I think the proofreading service that Dub & Ko provides is not bad at all! 语言修改上很细心,还指出了很多native用语和搭配,价格也很便宜,总体来说感觉还是不错的!

Rita H., MA, Goldsmiths, University of London, proofreading and editing service
I highly recommend Kita for proofreading your document or thesis. I just finished the first English essay of my life. As I seriously lack confidence in grammar and argumentation, I was overwhelmed with anxiety about failing. However, with the help of Kita, my essay has become a lot more clear and readable, and has also been transformed into an academic writing style, which is what my professor has been urging me to improve on. Kita has a very high command of Mandarin and she very patiently pointed out any of my paragraphs with unclear meaning, instead of arbitrarily changing the original meaning of my work. She also completed the job very quickly. I have also had the opportunity to learn how English native speakers present facts using concise grammar and no more Chinese English! I think the proofreading service she provides is worth more than the price. I recommend it with all my heart.  我非常推薦給Kita校對你所需要的文件或是論文。我剛寫完人生中第一篇長篇的英文論文,對自己的文法還有論述方式很沒有信心,整個人陷入怕被當的焦慮。但給Kita校對後,文意不但變得更清楚,讀起來也更流暢,也是老師一再跟我們強調的學術寫作風格。Kita對中文的掌握跟理解度非常的高,非常有耐心的在文件中指出不清楚的地方,也不會亂改文意,編修的速度非常快,我也透過她幫我改的論文,重新學習真正母語人士如何使用精簡的文法闡述事實,而不再是Chinese English!我認為她提供的服務是物超所值的,超級推薦喔!

Jessica Ya, studying in Britain, proofreading and editing service
I really like Kita’s proofreading service. She replied so quickly and carefully edited my dissertation. The proofreading was finished faster than I expected. I am really grateful to Kita. 非常喜歡Kita的服務~超級親切,回覆又快速!!修改得非常仔細,而且比我預想的時間還快完成!真的非常謝謝Kita!

Wei-Jie Liao, National Taiwan University, proofreading and editing service
weijieI would like to recommend Dub & Ko’s Proofreading Serviceto those in Taiwan who want to independently apply for overseas universities without paying for an agency. Kita has scrupulously proofread and edited my CV and Personal Statement. She also left comments on all ambiguities and turned my documents into perfect English. I am very glad that I’ve found Dub & Ko on my way to applying for my chosen university. They have really helped a lot! 我想推薦Kita的英文編修服務給想自己申請國外學校,不想找代辦的台灣朋友,Kita很用心的幫我檢視了CV和SOP,細心且有效率的進行正,有模稜兩可之處也會特別註記確認,讓我的申請資料能精準的呈現。很高興在準備出國求學的路上有Dub & Ko的協助,真的幫了我很大的忙!

Peggy Liu, University of Bath, proofreading and editing serviceimage1-3
I am very grateful that Kita has edited my master’s thesis and made it so much easier to gain approval from my professor! She corrected all my grammatical errors in a very short period of time and frequently communicated with me via email, making my thesis as good as it can be. I am highly satisfied with the quality of Dub & Ko’s proofreading service and I recommend it to all those studying abroad! 非常感謝Kita的幫我修改碩士論文,讓我能順利通過教授的審核!她在短時間內快速度修正我的文法,也頻繁的使用信件與我聯絡,讓我的論文能更加完善,我對編修校對後的論文很滿意。非常推薦Dub & Ko給大家! 

Jeremy Yeh, IHTTI School of Hotel Management, proofreading and editing service
Kita has provided a very professional proofreading service. She corrected my grammatical errors without changing my original meaning, making my essay perfect. I’ve also learned how to better my writing from reading the corrected sentences. I’m very grateful for the assistance of Dub & Ko. Kita所提供的是非常專業的校對服務。她更改文章中的語法錯誤,修正不正確的用語,但不會隨意更改你的原意,這使得我的報告變得完美。我也從被修改的字裡行間中學習到更棒的措辭使用方式,非常感謝Dub & Ko的幫助。

Lee, PhD student in Canberra, proofreading and editing service
I highly recommend the Dub & Ko editing service to those who do not feel 100% confident about their English writing. I have desperately needed help with my English writing for journal papers, reports, publications, dissertation excerpts, and other sorts of formal writing. Since using the Dub & Ko editing service, my work has been polished very efficiently and quickly. The Dub & Ko editing service is the solution to make your writing more readable and accurate. You will be able to see the improvement in your work after the service. I can now enjoy writing English even more. Thanks very much.

Hortanse Chen, Bristol University, proofreading and editing service
Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.46.33 amI would like to express my gratitude to Kita for her fast and precise proofreading/editing of my dissertation. Without her help, my masters thesis would not have been completed so satisfactorily. When she encountered sentences that were not clear in meaning, Kita did not modify them by guessing their original meanings. Instead, she asked me to tell her what I intended to say in Chinese for her to better understand and to translate more accurately. Her good grip of Chinese and subtle handling perfected the work. I highly recommend Kita as a proofreader for essays and dissertations because her work is done with fidelity, fluency and felicity. 我想要謝謝Kita精準迅速地替我的碩士論文做校稿以及編修,成效斐然。Kita在編修時若遇到文意不清之處,她會請我以中文述說原意以便做更準確的傳達。Kita對於中文的掌握以及對於文章的細緻處理,讓編修校對過後的成品更臻完善。她經手過的成品有著信、雅、達的特質,我相信Kita是一位專業的校稿者並且大力推薦給大家!

Carl Chen, Bristol University, proofreading and editing service

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.59.53 amI was a postgraduate student in the UK when Kita helped me to copy-edit my dissertation. She carefully read my thesis and rarely misunderstood or misinterpreted my original meaning. I guess that it is because she is really familiar with the commonMandarin-translated mistakes and knows how to correct them without losing the initial meaning in Mandarin. The structure of sentences and the accuracy of vocabulary were both greatly improved. Furthermore, the style of presentation was increased to a native writer level. Even if the time was limited in my case, Kita still helped me on the weekend and gave the modified work back to me as soon as possible. Therefore, I strongly recommend Kita for the copy-editing of academic works such as essays or dissertations, not only because of the quick service but also because of her excellent copy-editing skills.

Mandarin Tutoring

Oliver, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
I highly recommend Yanshi if you want to learn Mandarin. He tought me for a couple months in Canberra and I learnt so much so fast. He a really nice guy and great at adjusting his teaching style to fit your learning needs. He is very professional too, I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested.

Kowshik, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
I took Mandarin lessons with Yanshi for about two months over Skype and I would highly recommend him as a tutor. He is very understanding and personable. He tailored the lessons to what I wanted, which was to be conversational. As such I found each lesson very useful (and fun!).
I came to Yanshi without any understanding of Mandarin and now, through his teaching, my confidence in speaking Mandarin has markedly improved. So I would like to thank you again, Yanshi, for your excellent tuition!

Josh Griffiths, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
I studied Standard Chinese with Yanshi for just over 4 months after returning from living in China for a year and a half. Yanshi is a really gifted language tutor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn or improve their Standard Chinese. We’ve had fascinating conversations about everything ranging from philosophy to fitness to Taiwan’s international and domestic political affairs. Yanshi is patient, enthusiastic, rigorous, kind, and he has been my favourite language tutor to date! Thank you Yanshi for all of your help!

Mark, Canberra, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
I had the pleasure of being tutored by Yanshi. My level was really basic when I began, having only done 4 weeks of lessons in Beijing at the time. He gave me the tools and the confident I needed to improve my Mandarin. He was flexible in the lesson styles and helped me to dramatically improve my speaking within a few short weeks. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants an affordable way of maintaining or improving your Mandarin but with the flexibility of fitting around your busy lifestyle. Thanks Yanshi!

Toni, Canberra, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
I love the language and learning under your instruction very much. I found your manner and approach to teaching very clear and supportive. Thank you for your patience and encouragement with me.

Dylan, Canberra, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
Yanshi is a truly fantastic Mandarin tutor. In only a few short months he has been able to shape me from a complete beginner to someone who feels confident to listen, read, speak and write in Chinese on a variety of different topics. Yanshi’s classes are always informative and engaging, drawing upon a mix basic conversational topics, Chinese pop-culture, history and my own personal interests, among many, many others. This allows for maximum engagement and ensure that lessons are never dull!

Yanshi is a very friendly, patient teacher with a fine attention to detail. He is always very quick to recognise whenever I am struggling with a particular topic, and will always take the time to ensure that I understand before moving on.

He also a very disciplined educator who consistently pushes me to do my best, both during and outside the class. From early on, Yanshi encouraged me to immerse myself in the language in anyway that interested me, and equipped me to do so in ways that would enhance my learning.

For anyone interested or thinking about learning Mandarin, I would recommend Yanshi in a heartbeat!

Joshua, Canberra, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
12096263_10156200856140253_4614610314868462808_nIt is my great pleasure to recommend Yanshi as a Mandarin tutor. Yanshi is an extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher who has a depth of experience teaching Mandarin to students of all ages and proficiency levels.

I first met Yanshi in Taiwan just over 18 months ago. Since this time, he has been instrumental in improving my conversational Chinese and broadening my vocabulary. His knowledge of a range of topics, including Chinese history, global politics and popular culture, ensure my lessons with him are always topical and informative.

Yanshi’s love of Chinese language and culture is infectious, and his willingness to share this with others ensures his students come away with a much deeper insight into this fascinating language than just the ability to speak, read or write it. I would highly recommend his tutoring services.

Peter, Canberra, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
PeteYanshi is a very experienced and knowledgable language teacher. I engaged Yanshi as a private tutor and so far I have had 12 lessons studying Mandarin. Yanshi has a very patient and calm teaching style, balanced with discipline and a strong teaching methodology which has expanded my skills and understanding of this new language. My aim is to learn to read, write and speak Mandarin to a conversation level and I look forward to deepening my new language skills with Yanshi.

Belle, mother of Bryan, 9 years old, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
Yanshi responds actively to my son Bryan’s hoimage1mework progress. He develops and delivers a tailored learning program to maximise Bryan’s learning. My son is in grade four. He really likes Yanshi’s Mandarin class. Yanshi is a lively and passionate teacher. He successfully and effectively helps my son learn traditional Chinese characters and brings him to an understanding of the beauty of Taiwanese poetry.   我的兒子今年四年級,很喜歡上Yanshi老師的中文課。Yanshi老師是位活潑熱忱的中文老師,他成功有效的幫助我的兒子學習繁體中文,以及帶領他了解台灣地方詩詞的美好。

Frank, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
26794_338097895891_3923084_nI highly recommend Yanshi as a patient and effective teacher of spoken Mandarin and written Chinese. Over a period of two years, Yanshi helped me progress from an absolute beginner to the stage where I could function effectively in a Mandarin speaking society, and be professionally proficient in the workplace. He is particularly effective at helping students gain the confidence to apply what they have learnt from the textbook to everyday conversation. I was also impressed with the way in which he patiently helped to identify and address weaknesses in pronunciation, tone and grammar over a prolonged period of time.

English Tutoring

Christy, learning English and IELTS with Kita
I’m writing to express my thanks to Kita for her help in IELTS writing and speaking. During our time working together, I always received prompt attention from her each time I had problems in English. She helped me improve my essay word by word and showed me more “native” ways of expressing my meanings. Apart from her excellent professional competence, her encouragement and responsibility also impressed me a lot. While practising speaking, we talked about her unforgettable experience of the Camino de Santiago walk and I know I will definitely give it a shot someday in the future! But above all, with her help, I got 7 in writing and 8 in speaking. I have recommended her to some of my friends and we all have the same feeling, “If only I knew her earlier!”

Tina H, learning English with Kita
I have a very good impression of Dub & Ko Language Services. Almost all language schools only use textbooks to teach, so students are easily bored and lose interest in learning. Dub & Ko uses a very special way to teach their students. I was very lucky to meet Kita, as she is a very professional and patient teacher. She always finds interesting articles for me to read. After reading, we chat about the articles, which is a very fun way to learn English and remember new words. She also carefully focuses on my weaknesses and helps me overcome them. Now my English is much improved. Kita has made me realise that learning English can be easy and fun!

我很的幸運的遇到Kita老師。她是一個很認真負責的老師。她上課從不遲到任何一分鐘,有時已經超過下課的時間,她仍然繼續教到我明白為止。由此可知 這絕對不是以盈利為主要目的的教學服務。Kita的專業程度跟教學品質,只有在經過她的教導之後才能夠體會得到。所以我寫下我的學習心得,來跟大家分享。

Kita的教學方式很特別,她會找一些很有趣的文章或最新流行的話題來當教材。並且從我的作文裡找到我的文法弱點,然後針對我的弱點加強輔導。在這個學習的過程中,我從來不硬背課堂上的教學內容。所以我經常忘記已經學過的東西。但Kita老師總是不厭其煩重複教導,然而我也就這樣自然而然的記住了。因為Kita 老師的細心跟很耐心教導之下,我的英文文法進步很多,同時也在自然的情況下學會許多生活上實用的英文用語。Kita讓我了解到原來學習英語可以這麼輕鬆沒有有壓力。

13242091_1026032557444626_49122784_oWhen I received my first IELTS results, my writing score had not yet reached my target. But with the help of just six intensive classes taught by Kita, I was able to achieve my goal! Kita takes classes very seriously and enhances your English practice based on your individual needs. My writing structure was weak so she patiently taught me how to write an ordered and logical essay. Every time we examined my text together, she would not immediately tell me exactly where my mistakes were, but instead invite me to read my text aloud. This way she would at once correct my pronunciation and allow me to consider what I had written. This teaching method allowed me to easily remember my mistakes, as well as minimise their reappearance next time. If you need someone to help you with your writing, I highly recommend Kita as your personal tutor. Her earnest desire to help and her patience will definitely allow you to improve at full speed!  當我收到第一次雅思成績單時,Writing 並沒有達到學校要求的標準,在Kita短期6堂課密集訓練之下,讓我成功地達成目標! Kita上課非常用心,針對個人需求做加強練習,我在寫作架構上甚為薄弱,他不厭其煩的教導我如何寫出有條有理的文章。每次上課檢討作文時,他不會立即告訴我錯在哪裡,反而會請我念一遍自己的文章,一方面糾正發音,另外一方面讓自己思考,這樣容易記得並且減少下次犯錯的機率。若需要寫作上幫忙者,我非常推薦Kita作為你個人的家教老師,他的認真還有耐心必定讓你進步飛速!

Christy, learning English and IELTS with Kita
I passed IELTS! I checked the result just now. My writing is 7 and speaking is 8. Overall score is 7.5! Thanks for your patience and help, Kita! 我通过了雅思考试!我刚才确认了一下成绩,我的写作是7分而口说是8分,总平均是7.5分!非常谢谢Kita的耐心指导与帮助!

CWlearning English and IELTS with Kita
My IELTS score is as below. I really appreciate you teaching me over the last month. You have helped me make big progress in writing in a short time. I now have the qualification I need to enter postgraduate school in the UK directly. Thanks a lot. 以下是我的雅思成績。對於你上個月的指導我真的很感謝,你幫助我在短期內大幅提升寫作的分數,我現在達到了進入英國研究所就讀所需的標準。非常謝謝你。


Noushin, learning English and IELTS with Kita
17d0f2baf26578ebfe069e43534db470fb3913d3f09daab2143e22ffbd0a0689I highly recommend Kita as one of the best IELTS tutors in Canberra who is smart enough to easily recognize your weaknesses when preparing for IELTS . I had to sit an IELTS exam twice before I started my training sessions with her and was not successful in achieving my required score for writing. Only 6 writing sessions with Kita greatly helped me to find my mistakes, improve my writing skill and increase my self-confidence enough to sit another IELTS exam and achieve an IELTS overall score of 8 with a writing score of 7 out of 9. If you are still struggling with IELTS, I am quite sure she is able to help you out.

Zachary Jiang, learning English and IELTS with Kita
19.picKita helped me preparing for IELTS from December to January. She is very patient, knowledgeable and understands my weaknesses and how to improve on them. Without her help, IELTS band 8 in all four sections would not be possible. I really recommend Kita’s IELTS tutoring service, especially for people aiming for that 8! Kita是一位很认真负责的老师。我在12月和1月的时候和Kita老师学习,准备雅思。Kita知道我的弱点在哪里,最开始的时候是写文章的思路,后来是经常犯的语法错误和贫乏的词汇量。她帮助我把这些弱点一个一个突破,最后加上一些运气,拿到了4个8的成绩。所以我推荐Kita老师,跟着Kita老师学雅思,你也有机会拿到四个8!


Meshal Alrogi, learning English and IELTS with Kita
I would recommend Kita for anyone who loves to learn English as a second language. Kita is a kind person as well as a good teacher. She also has the skill and talent to make any student improve, regardless of his/her level of English language. I would strongly recommend Kita for any student looking to improve their English. Kita also keeps track of her students by sending them essays and reading pieces weekly.

Ke-tien,  learning English with Kita
Kita is a very passionate and patient teacher. With her help, I not only successfully finished my thesis, but I have also improved a lot in my English speaking. She adjusts the content of lessons based on students’ needs and we often talk about topics which I find very interesting. I enjoy every lesson with Kita! English speaking practice with Kita, whether it be academic or daily-life conversation, is highly recommended by me! Kita是非常具有熱忱以及耐心的老師,在她的幫助下我除了非常順利的完成論文,在用英文對話方面也給了我很大的信心,她會根據不同學生的需求調整上課內容,上課時我們常常談論我感興趣的話題,每次上課我都非常愉快!不管是學術上到一般練習英文對話我都十分推薦Kita!

Hendlearning English and IELTS with Kita
Study of a second language is not easy. Nevertheless, Kita has helped me a lot. She is a really good mentor because she explains clearly and understands what I mean. I recommend everyone choose Kita as a teacher to improve their English language.

Aileen Kuo, preparing IELTS with Kita 

11001789_1008206832526815_1178322317777817515_nI am very happy that I can have English classes with Kita. She is an excellent teacher. She always knows what I want to say and gives me help when I cannot speak a sentence very well by correcting my grammar and teaching me how to use authentic English pronunciation. I really enjoy the process of learning English in every single class. When I ask Kita any questions, she always answers my questions enthusiastically. 我很開心能上Kita 的英文課。Kita 是ㄧ位很棒的老師。她總能明白我要表達的事情,並給我幫助,像糾正我的文法,還有(如何使用道地的英文)發音每一次上課,我都很享受學英文的過程。有英文的問題問Kita,她都很熱心回答。

Tsung-Ying Yang, learning English with Kita
Dub & Ko is second to none and great quality. I have been learning English from Kita for about 4 weeks, and she is an intelligent teacher. She is able to evaluate my level of understanding precisely during our Skype class. My essays are edited by her , and she always provides advice on corrections and better grammar for my homework. The theme of our class relates to international events and global issues, and Kita uses leading questions during our class. I benefit from her teaching and absorb lots of background knowledge. She speaks English with an Australian accent, so I am able to become accustomed to this unique pronunciation and improve my listening. We conduct our lesson one-to-one, so I can asking questions promptly whenever I encounter any confusion. On top of that, Kita is a patient and conscientious instructor, meticulously teaching her students  authentic English. I believe she is cut out to be an English teacher!In conclusion, she is top-notch and I recommend potential tutees for her tutoring classes!

Janelee Li, PhD of Environmental Design, learning English with Kita 

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 4.51.39 pmI strongly recommend Dub & Ko’s English tutoring and proofreading. I have had a lot of help in improving my professional field of “environment/social sciences/community,” especially in relation to my English speaking expression. Kita is a meticulous, patient, responsible and passionate young English teacher. She is very enthusiastic about her work. In taking one on one spoken language practice with her, I have been able to capture and express my meaning more clearly in speaking about my professional field and improving related English vocabulary. This has allowed me to reach a more correct and colloquial level of  pronunciation and descriptive capacity. Furthermore, she is passionate about Sinophone culture and has a background of professional training at a Chinese speaking university. Her ability to translate from Mandarin to English is a huge plus. Her English proofreading is always quick and effective. 我很樂意推薦 Dub & Ko 的英文教學與編修。在我的專業“環境/ 社會科學/ 社區 ”領域範圍,我獲得許多有效的幫助,尤其於英語口語表達。Kita是一位細心、耐心、負責、很有教學熱忱的年輕的英語工作者,她對她的工作充滿熱情。透過與她一對一的口語練習教學中,幫助我能夠更清楚與有效的掌握及表達在專業領域學術及工作中所需要的英文詞彙 ,以及達到更準確的道地英語發音與英文形容說法,而她熱愛中華文化及相關中國語言大學訓練專業背景,對於華文轉譯為英文更為加分許多。 而她所提供的英文專業編修服務總是有及時有效率。


Yin Chao, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Service Discharge Order
Very good and quick service. I have to give a thumps-up to their service! 服務態度好,處理速度也快,只能說讚了!

Davy Cheng, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Service Discharge Order
Dub & Ko accurately and quickly translated my Discharge Certificate of Alternative Service. The service is extremely efficient and the price is very reasonable. If I need to translate any documents in the future, I will consider Dub & Ko again!  Dub & Ko 準確並迅速的翻譯了我的替代役退役證明書。效率非常好價錢也很合理。以後如果有文件需要翻譯我也會考慮Dub & Ko。

Ching-Chia Wang, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Service Discharge Order
They carefully explained the procedure to me and finished the translation both efficiently and professionally. Highly recommended!! 當我需要一份精準翻譯的退伍令時,我找到了Dub & Ko。他們細心地向我解釋相關的流程,並且以專業及效率完成了我的文件翻譯。我非常推薦他們的服務!

Joseph Yul, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Service Discharge Order
Dub & Ko provided a professional and friendly service in translating my Military Service Discharge Order. I had it notarised without any difficulty. The price was reasonable. During the process, they carefully checked whether my name’s spelling was identical to the one on my passport. They are very approachable and completed my translation very quickly.

Y. H. Lee, Mandarin-English Translation of thesis abstract
Dub & Ko not only replied quickly and showed their high efficiency in translation, but their translation was also very professional! I trust them with the translation of my master’s thesis abstract wholeheartedly. The fact that they even accept work on weekends makes me feel great! I will definitely seek help from them in the future. Dub & Ko不但回信速度快、翻譯效率超高,而且非常專業!碩士論文摘要交給他們翻譯非常放心,尤其假日也收件這點真的超棒!以後有需要一定還會再找他們。

C.K. Huang, Mandarin-English Translation of Certificate of Discharge (替代役退役證明書中翻英)
Dub & Ko’s service is very quick and professional! Because I need to study abroad, I asked them to translate my certificate of discharge for substitute service. They were very effective and always replied to my emails very quickly. The quality of the translation is great and they sent the finished work to me very quickly. I highly recommend their service! Dub & Ko的服務非常迅速而且專業!因為留學的需要而請Dub&Ko翻譯了替代役退役證明,效率極高,寫email過去詢問也非常快速就回信,翻譯品質好且快,非常大力推薦他們的服務!

Monica F., Mandarin-English Translation of thesis abstract
還在為英文摘要煩惱嗎?找專業的翻譯就對了!品質好速度快,一次ok! Are you still worried about the English abstract of your thesis? It’s time to seek help from professionals! Dub & Ko’s translation service is good and quick.

Eric Huang, Mandarin-English Translation
I am happy to highly recommend Dub & Ko’s translation service. I needed 12804364_10204135519186986_1441584439_nto submit a lot of documents in English in order to apply for an Australian student visa in a very short period of time. Dub & Ko’s translation service quickly helped me to obtain the English version of the required documents in order to apply for my visa.

Hehe, Mandarin-English Translation
Kita contacted me via WeChat after I booked a translation service and then translated my personal statement very well. The time between contacting her and receiving the translated document took less than one day. Her service is indeed very effective! I hope that Kita can continue her work and help more people who need translation services. I highly recommend her service. Thanks a lot! 下单没多久唐老师就微信联系了我,也很好的帮助我翻译了我的个人简介,从联系我到拿到翻译好的个人简介,连一天时间都没有用到,真的非常有效率,希望唐老师可以继续帮助有需要的人,好评~极力推荐,谢谢~!


Minqi Chen, Mandarin-English Translation of thesis abstract
Communicating in correct language is very important in the field of academic research. Yanshi perfectly and quickly translated my text. Whenever he was not sure of the meaning of the content, he would ask questions in order to make it more accurate. With help from Kita, the translation became flawless, perfect English. I highly recommend Dub & Ko. I have no doubt in their professionalism. 正確的語言傳達對於學術研究的溝通上,十分重要。Yanshi此次所提供正確的翻譯且快速,並且在對文中內容有疑義時,提出問題讓翻譯更為精準詳實,十分細心。加上Kita細心的校對,讓論文翻譯更為完善。我在此大力推薦Dub & Ko,他們的專業無庸置疑。

Wei-Ting Kuo, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Discharge Order
IMG_0059I highly recommend Dub & Ko for official document translation. They very quickly and precisely translated my military discharge order. In addition to scrupulously checking the translation, they can also provide a certificate of translation if you need it. Whenever I had any questions, they patiently answered me. In addition, they were able to provide useful information about learning English. 非常推薦Dub & Ko的文件翻譯服務,他們很迅速地翻譯了我的退伍令。除了對翻譯文件細心核對外,還會考慮可能遇到的況事而提供你譯者證明書。詢問問題皆耐心回答,還會推薦你學習英文的實用資訊哦!

Li-Chieh, Mandarin-English Translation of Proof of Loss of Separation Document (離營證件遺失證明)
Quick service. Friendly reply. Next time if I have the opportunity, I will seek help again from Dub & Ko for document translation. 服務很快,回覆也很親切,下次還有機會我一樣會找Dub & Ko翻譯文件。

563083_536663289745604_1705914961_nSusan West, English-Mandarin translation Service
Thank you so much Dub & Ko! I own Thalia Haven, a self-contained accommodation business on Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast. Thalia recently won a national accommodation award, and we are attracting a sizeable number of Chinese guests – both visiting and Australia-based. Thalia is entirely off the grid, and visitors who don’t realise how to manage off-grid power implications have found themselves without electricity! So thank you, Dub & Ko, for your speedy translation of our FAQs – for your terrific presentation of your work – and thereby for helping us welcome our guests! Recommended wholeheartedly!