About Kita


Born in the UK and ‘grown up’ in Tasmania, I am a native English speaker through and through. But thrilled by the possibilities of new languages, I have always been a keen linguist and began my journey with Mandarin Chinese and French from a young age.

I am now in my third year of a Bachelor of Philosophy (PhB) Asia-Pacific at the Australian National University, having just returned to Canberra after a ‘gap year’ of sorts. My year began with my family in the UK, then went to Spain where I walked the Camino, before finally settling in Taiwan where I spent nine months in intensive Mandarin training.

I have experience as both a Mandarin and EAL tutor in Australia and Taiwan. My attention to detail and perfectionist nature makes me well placed to understand the intricacies of foreign languages and my native language, English. I hope to pass along my love of language to all my students and clients.

When I’m not writing Chinese characters, I enjoy writing poetry, bushwalking, gardening and cooking. My next language project includes Sanskrit, which I hope to learn to supplement my yoga teaching.

About Yanshi


I grew up in Taichung and obtained my bachelor’s degree in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. While I was studying at university, I was actively engaged in “language exchange,” which consisted of helping Mandarin learners practice their colloquial skills. Because of this, I’ve garnered a lot of experience in helping international students speak Mandarin more confidently as well as teaching them more about the essence of Taiwanese culture and Chinese civilization.

I’m a passionate reader who loves literature, history and socio-economics. I speak four languages, including Mandarin (the official language of Taiwan), Taiwanese Hokkien (a dialect of Hokkien, widely spoken by Taiwanese) , English  and Russian (I spent 10 months studying Russian in Moscow in 2009 and acquired second level in TORFL ). In my previous jobs, I have been responsible for translation (Mandarin- Russian or Mandarin – English) either in the form of  consecutive/whispered interpreting or written translation.

In the past I have been a tyre salesperson responsible for the Russian market and an environmental NGO employee. At present I am a Russian-Mandarin, English-Mandarin translator.