Thanks Rita for her recommendation!

Rita H., MA, Goldsmiths, University of London, proofreading and editing service 學術論文校對編修服務 , 2016 

我非常推薦給Kita校對你所需要的文件或是論文。我剛寫完人生中第一篇長篇的英文論文,對自己的文法還有論述方式很沒有信心,整個人陷入怕被當的焦慮。但給Kita校對後,文意不但變得更清楚,讀起來也更流暢,也是老師一再跟我們強調的學術寫作風格。Kita對中文的掌握跟理解度非常的高,非常有耐心的在文件中指出不清楚的地方,也不會亂改文意,編修的速度非常快,我也透過她幫我改的論文,重新學習真正母語人士如何使用精簡的文法闡述事實,而不再是Chinese English!我認為她提供的服務是物超所值的,超級推薦喔!

I highly recommend Kita for proofreading your document or thesis. I just finished the first English essay of my life. As I seriously lack confidence in grammar and argumentation, I was overwhelmed with anxiety about failing. However, with the help of Kita, my essay has become a lot more clear and readable, and has also been transformed into an academic writing style, which is what my professor has been urging me to improve on. Kita has a very high command of Mandarin and she very patiently pointed out any of my paragraphs with unclear meaning, instead of arbitrarily changing the original meaning of my work. She also completed the job very quickly. I have also had the opportunity to learn how English native speakers present facts using concise grammar and no more Chinese English! I think the proofreading service she provides is worth more than the price. I recommend it with all my heart.