Help us help Syrian refugees / 讓我們一起幫助敘利亞難民

Médecins Sans Frontières providing medical consultations and distributing water to refugees / image source: MSF

Do you still remember little Aylan Kurdi, lying lifeless on Turkish sand? He was supposed to grow up peacefully like us, yet, forced to flee a war-torn homeland, tragically lost his life among the waves. Since the beginning of the 2011 Syrian civil war, there have been 4,000,000 refugees flee Syria. Of these, thousands have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

In the face of this grave crisis, we are frustrated at neither having the time to volunteer in aid of refugees, nor the space to offer accommodation. Therefore, we have decided to use our prospering business to support those in need.

Until the end of 2015 we will donate 2% of your tutoring, proofreading or translation fee to Doctors without Borders (Médecins sans Frontières, MSF) in order to support the selfless doctors providing medical assistance in Syria and other countries around the world. Medical facilities have entirely collapsed in Syria. In 2014, five MSF personnel working in Syria were abducted. Today, MSF remains a heroic presence in Syria.

Apart from directly donating to MSF, you can also read this article to find out other ways in which you can help provide vital resources for refugees around the world.

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你還記得躺在土耳其沙灘上、已失去性命的敘利亞小弟弟Aylan Kurdi嗎?他本應該像我們一樣平安長大,卻被迫逃離充滿戰亂的家園,在流亡中逝去。2011年敘利亞內戰爆發後,已超過400萬難民流離失所,上千名欲投奔歐洲的難民葬身地中海。面對如此嚴重的人道危機,我們卻因為生意繁忙而無法參與志工服務,也無能提供空房間給敘利亞難民居住,心裡一直覺得很愧疚。因此,我們決定在我們的崗位上奉獻己力,協助難民重建生活。

即日起至明年元旦,無論您選擇校對編修家教還是翻譯服務,Dub & Ko將從所得中撥出2%,為您捐款給無國界醫生組織(Médecins sans Frontières, MSF),支持這些無私奉獻的醫生在敘利亞及其他國家進行的醫療救援行動。敘利亞當地原本的醫療設施將近崩毀,儘管2014年MSF有五位成員被綁架,但他們仍堅持留在敘利亞,為當地受苦的人民提供醫療救援。如果您想幫助難民,除了可以直接捐款到無國界醫生組織外,也可以參考這篇報導,選擇您想支持的組織。

Letter fromMédecins sans Frontiers

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